Introducing NxLab

NxLab facilitates the resource management of your Laboratory with a low cost, easily deployed software solution built on Open Source Technologies. Built with mobile devices in mind, Lab managers, and personnel may now use their desktop, tablet, or smart phone to manage and track lab resources.

Instrument Scheduling - The hallway white board is history.

Instrument schedules can now be maintained from any web enabled device.
Schedule and reserve an instrument for use from anywhere.
Search other labs for instrument availability if needed.
Instrument status and scheduled downtime is known upfront during planning.

Instrument Maintenance - Lifetime tracking.

Electronic Logbook functionality for each instrument allows recording of maintenance.
Keep track of instrument location and status.
Record Original PO Number, cost, Company Asset Number, Vendor Serial Number, Vendor Service Contract Number
Tracks complex instruments with multiple sub-components with serial numbers such as an LC or GC.
Record chemical usage for each instrument, decontamination events, and final instrument disposal.

Instrument Inventory Tracking

NxLab eliminates the need for excel worksheets to track your instruments.

Project Tracking

Associate Instruments with Projects and Methods to track usage.

Scheduling Method Workflow

NxLab is able to auto-schedule instrumentation to create the the highest throughput possible of methods.

Mobile and Web enabled

Using Twitter Bootstrap web client technology, NxLab was built from the ground up to be fully functional with a smart phone or tablet.

Smart Phone

NxLab is fully functional from your iPhone, Android phone, or Windows phone.


NxLab is fully fuctional from you iPad or WIndows Surface Tablet.

Desk Top

NxLab is compatible with Windows Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.

Save Money - Built with Open Source Technology

Open Source Technology leads to much lower costs. Built on a liable and robust LAMP stack, there are no typical license fees for the operating system or the database.


NxLab is built on CentOS, and if preferred, can run on Red Hat Linux for additional support.

Apache Web Server

NxLab is served up by Apache, the world's most popular web server.

MySQL Database

NxLab uses the world's most popular open source database. If required, additional support can be supplied by Oracle.

PHP with Laravel Server-side Framework

NxLab is built using Laravel PHP Framework for security, and ease of customization as needed.

Twitter Bootstrap Font-end Framework

NxLab uses this popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Labformatix also offers other productivity software for the Laboratory.

Empower II Interface for MS Excel

Import data directly to MS Excel from Water’s Empower II.

This Excel Add-in allows an Analyst to browse the Water’s Empower II Project Directory and then select sample and peak results to import.

Features include:

  1. Empower User login and project folder permissions enforcement.
  2. Direct connection from Empower to Excel, Empower Export Methods are not needed.
  3. Eliminate costly transcription errors and review failures.
  4. Imports all result, peak, and custom fields.
  5. Perform calculations in Excel, not in the difficult to use Empower custom fields.
  6. Import configuration can be predefined and locked to create calculation workbooks and templates.
  7. Excel calculation workbooks with add-in are compatible with OpenLab ECM, Oracle eRoom, and MS SharePoint .
  8. No additional Water’s licensing needed.
  9. Compatible with Excel 2007, and Excel 2010 on WinXP and Windows 7.

Empower PDF Data Extractor to Oracle

Transfer data from Empower PDF Reports directly to an Oracle Database. 

Setup a “Watch Folder” to drop PDF files into where the data will be extracted and uploaded to Oracle as predefined per report type.

Free you data from individual PDFs. Features include:

  1. No programming required. User interface.
  2. Parses individual data items or entire tables.
  3. Automatically detect individual report types and parse accordingly.
  4. Automatically extract trending data and results from Empower Reports.
  5. Automatically extract data from other PDFs such as SoftMax Pro.
  6. Eliminate costly transcription errors.
  7. Compatible with Oracle 10 and 11, with WinXP and Windows 7 Oracle Clients.

Empower II to Labware LIMS Interface

Import from Empower to Excel, calculate, then forward to LIMS.

This Excel Add-in interfaces with Empower II and Labware LIMS. It can simply pass results through from Empower to Labware LIMS or perform complex method calculations, be reviewed, then forward the results to LIMS.

Features include:

  1. Extremely powerful Interface.  Use the power of Excel, Macros and VBA if needed.
  2. Keep calculations local, LIMS only holds the results.
  3. Eliminate costly transcription errors and review failures.
  4. Review data locally, and use charts for reporting before forwarding results.
  5. Empower Import and Labware LIMS Export configuration can be predefined and locked to create calculation workbooks and templates.
  6. Eliminate costly transcription errors and review failures.
  7. Excel calculation workbooks with add-in are compatible with OpenLab ECM, Oracle eRoom, and MS SharePoint .
  8. Compatible with Excel 2007, and 2010 on WinXP and Windows 7.

Programming Services

Labformatix offers expert programming services for LIMS and eLN implementation. Custom programming to solve other laboratory needs is also available.

System Integration

Labformatix has experience integrating the following systems:  Labware LIMS, Water’s Empower II CDS, Agilent’s OpenLab SDMS, Agilent ChemStore, and Water’s NuGenesis SDMS, Documentum, eRoom, SharePoint, and VelQuest SmartLab eLN.

Labware LIMS

Labformatix interfaces are available to export and import data Labware LIMS data to and from other systems.
Custom coding services are available for LIMS Basic.  LIMS Admin services to create or update Batch Templates, Sample Specs, Login Templates, and other routine work.

VB.Net Programming

Project and contract software services for custom Laboratory Software Solutions.

PDF Data Extraction

Data locked in PDFs.  Labformatix can extract and parse out the required data and upload to Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL Databases.

PDF Forms

Custom PDF Form design and implementation for data collection and review. Labformatix can also connect the PDF Form to retrieve and strore real time data to and from Access or Oracle Databases.

MS Excel and MS Access

Add-ins, Macros, and VBA for programming for custom workbooks.  Connect your Excel Workbooks to Oracle.

Open Source Tools

Avoid expensive software licensing by using the LAMP architecture, or elements of it.  Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP web based solutions. A server is not needed and can be installed on a computer in the Lab or Office.
This is very popular with startup companies and also labs in larger companies needing IT independent solutions.
Labformatix offers a Sample Manager and an Instrument Manager and scheduler using this architecture.

Instrument Interfacing

Labformatix has extensive expertise at creating custom interfaces to unique instrumentation whether it is RS-232, ip based protocols, or network connected.

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